Open Source Software Governance


Successfully implementing Splunk across the enterprise led to doing the same thing for Open Source Software (OSS) Governance. The tool we used was named BlackDuck and, unlike Splunk, required weeks of training. A much different roll out plan was needed. The Splunk roll out worked best by giving frequent, targeted demos. Often, I would demo the dev team’s own log data, showing them use cases specific to their needs. After that, dev teams owned implementing and just needed me for support and the occasional question. OSS Governance required me to give large demos to hundreds of developers at a time. Questions were more often about how to interpret an OSS license than how to use the tool set. I did not expand my technical knowledge while involved in OSS Governance but I drastically expanded my communication and process skills. I spent my days working across many disciplines, from legal to architecture to process management. It was a real pleasure to work cross-functionally.